Miguel Hiroshi - Music producer, rhythm teacher, world music artist. Miguel Hiroshi i a versatile multi-instrumentalist, music composer
Miguel Hiroshi is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, rhythm teacher, and a complete music creator
Music videos created a produced by Miguel Hiroshi
Music producer, Miguel Hiroshi, was born in Kamakura, Japan

Miguel Hiroshi was born in Kamakura, Japan, to parents from southern Spain’s Andalusia, the region most known for flamenco. His family left Asia soon after and returned to Spain, settling in La Alpujarra, a region in Granada where Hiroshi grew up surrounded by nature.

A beloved grandfather, a folkloric lute and mandolin player, inspired Hiroshi’s path towards music as a child. Under the tutelage of German musicologist and music therapist, Dagmar Trichtinger, Miguel Hiroshi tried a variety of instruments like the piano, flute and electric guitar. Then, at the age of thirteen, he started to focus on percussion, the beginning of a deep love affair with rhythm.

Not long after, Hiroshi sought the teachings from world percussion masters Niti Ranjan, Yogesh Samsi and Ghatam V. Suresh (India); Los Rumberos de Cuba, El Piri y Los Chinitos de la Corea (Cuba); Zohar Fresco (Israel); Misirli Ahmet (Turkey); Ernest Maçanet (Barcelona) and Rubem Dantas (Brazil).

Miguel Hiroshi then earned a bachelor’s in World Music and taught World Percussion at Rotterdam Conservatory. Also in the Netherlands, he completed a Master’s degree in Jazz at the Amsterdam Conservatory.

Through experimentation and discovery, Hiroshi developed masterful sound sensitivity, the skill for creating percussive resonance from almost anything his hands touched. Hiroshi became also well-versed in percussion instruments of African, Mediterranean, Caribbean, South-American and Indian origin. Since 2006, Hiroshi has also been playing, exploring and producing music with an instrument called Hang (also known as the hang drum or handpan), a kind of melodic steel drum recently created and believed to bear no culture or heritage behind it. Adapting his techniques, knowledge and musicality, Hiroshi has created his own unique style for Hang playing.

Miguel Hiroshi’s first album, Oniriko Orinoko, was recorded in 2018 between Europe and the United States, and was inspired by a powerful dream Hiroshi had about one of South America’s great rivers, the Orinoco. Hiroshi’s second album is a work-in-progress that explores flamenco chants and rhythms together with elemental materials like wood, iron, clay, water and electronic textures.

Versatile and genre-expanding, Hiroshi is also excited about pushing the boundaries of electronic music, creating a fusion of digital and analogue sources, incorporating acoustic instruments such as percussion, hangs, flutes or small guitars. Miguel Hiroshi’s musicality spans musical genres such as Flamenco, Jazz, World Music, Film Music, New Age, Singer Songwriter, and other artistic disciplines such as Theatre, Dance and Circus Arts.

During the past twenty years, Hiroshi has worked on multiple music projects with world-renowned artists such as Mirabai Ceiba, Jorge Pardo, Josemi Carmona, Tomatito, Chick Corea, Shai Maestro, Sandra Carrasco, Antonio Serrano, Jose Manuel Leon, Ricardo Moreno, Zohar Fresco, Ghatam Suresh, Javier Colina, El Piraña, La Kaíta, Karen Lugo, Isabel Bayón, Kudsi Erguner, BVR Big Band, Tunisia National Orchestra, among many, many others.

He has also toured in more than 30 countries around the world performing in renowned venues and festivals such as Concertgebouw and Bimhuis (Amsterdam), NorthSea Jazz Festival (Rotterdam), Benaroya Hall (Seattle), Drom (NYC), Katara Oud Festival (Doha),  flamenco festival (Mont de Marsans), Nymes Flamenco Festival (Nymes), L’auditori (Barcelona), Boom Festival (Portugal),  Fex (Granada), Etnosur (Jaen), Sziget Festival (Budapest), Auditorio Black Berry (Mexico City), International Festival of Carthage (Tunisia), International Cirque Festival (Montreal), among many others.

Miguel Hiroshi, intenational music production
Rhythm and music teacher, Miguel Hiroshi
International music production, Miguel Hiroshi
Miguel Hiroshi, album Oniriko Orinoko


Miguel Hiroshi, international music producer- Oniriko Orinoko
A versatile multi-instrumentalist composer and producer, Miguel Hiroshi is a sought-after musical artist for arranging, soundtracks, film scores and creative musical concepts for commercials. Whether for arranged compositions or collaboration, Hiroshi’s tasteful musical intuitiveness helps singers and musicians manifest their artistic vision for both single or larger scale projects.
Composed and produced by Miguel Hiroshi

As a producer and collaborator

As a producer and collaborator

Composed and produced by Miguel Hiroshi
Creative music ideas by Miguel Hiroshi


Miguel Hiroshi participated in more than 30 studio recordings, following a selected discography.

Lead Composer and Lead Instrumentalist:
– Miguel Hiroshi, Oniriko Oniroko (2019)

Co-composer, collaborator and instrumentalist:
– Retro Band Systems, High Scores (2018)
– Merope, Amaranthine (2015)
– Álvaro Corcuera, Alebrije (2015)
– Merope, 9 days (2012)

Accompaniment and collaboration:
– Mirabai Ceiba, Agua de Luna (2019)
– Aukai, Reminiscence (2019)
– Carrie Tree, The Canoe (2019)
– Andreas Arnold, Odisea (2019)
– Prakash, In to the Fourth Dimension (2018)
– Alicia Carrasco y Jose Manuel Leon, Los Bienes de la Tierra (2018)
– Aukai, Branches of Sun (2018)
– Pedrito Pastor Guerra, SoloLuna (2018)
– Davide Salvado, Lobos (2015) – Rycardo Moreno, Varekai (2015)
– Miguel Rodríguez, Contrasentido (2015) – Violet Fall, Seashore Fragments (2014)
– Alicia Carrasco y Jose Manuel Leon, Una Nueva Sociedad (2014)

Miguel Hiroshi, multi instrumentalist artist
Miguel Hiroshi´s Music production studio in Madrid
Miguel Hiroshi is a versatile multi-instrumentalist, rhythm teacher, and a complete music creator and producer.
Miguel Hiroshi is an advanced pescussion and music teacher with deep knowledge of rhythms, percussion and musical genres

15 nov_ Miguel Hiroshi w/ María Marín @ Villaverde, Madrid ES

16 nov_ Noche Flamenca @ La Parada, Zarzalejo, Madrid ES

13 dic_ Miguel Hiroshi w/ María Marín @ Flamencos y Mestizos, Madrid ES

20 dic_ Miguel Hiroshi w/ Ravi Ram @ Barcelona, ES


International music producer, Miguel Hiroshi
Miguel Hiroshi, multi instrumentalist artist
12 jan_ Encounter with Handpans @ NYC, US
13 jan_ w/ Andreas Arnold Trío @ Drom, NYC, US
19 jan_ Prakash @ Merida Fest, MX
25 jan_ Prakash @ Habitas, Tulum, MX
12 feb_ Encounter with Rhythm @ Tulum, MX
16-23 feb_ w/ Jorge Pardo world in Harmony @ Casino Estoril, PT
14 mar Vibra-tó @ Sevilla, SP
17 mar w/ Andreas Arnold trio@ Gelsenkirchen, DE
18 mar w/ Andreas Arnold trio@ Brühl, DE
19 mar w/ Andreas Arnold trio@ Berlin, DE
21 mar w/ Andreas Arnold trio@ Oberhausen , DE
4 apr_ Miguel Hiroshi @ Musica en vena, Madrid, ES
28 may_ Masterclass Miguel Hiroshi @ Centro cultural de España, CDMX, MX
1 jun Egiptanos feat. MH @ Centro Cultural Chapultepec, CDMX, MX
12 jun Carrie Tree feat. MH @ El Escorial, Madrid, ES
15 jun Encounter with Handpans @ El Escorial, Madrid, ES
30 jun Miguel Hiroshi feat. Mar Rodriguez @ Estival de Cuenca, Cuenca, ES
6 jul_ w/ El Amir @ Lisboa, PT
12 jul_ Qyräl @ The Mandrake, London, UK
22 jul_ Davide Salvado @ Festival de Sines, PT
27 jul_ Qyräl @ Capileira, Granada, ES
1 aug_ Qyräl @ La Guajira, Almería, ES
2 aug_ Qyräl @ Aku Aku, Almería, ES
11 aug_ Encounter with handpans @ Ibiza, ES
13 aug_ Qyräl @ La Granja, Ibiza, ES
21 aug_ Qyräl @ Scorpios, Mykonos, GR
28 aug_ Qyräl @ Scorpios, Mykonos, GR
31 aug_ Miguel Hiroshi & Leo Prakash @ Lucerna, CH
8 sep _ w/ Andreas Arnold Trío @ Cologne, DE
10 sep_ w / El Amir @ Amman, JO
12 sep _ w/ Andreas Arnold Trío @ Einbeck, DE
13 sep _ w/ Andreas Arnold Trío @ Berlín, DE

21-22 sep _ Encounter with Handpans @ Mallorca, ES
24 sep _ Miguel Hiroshi @ Musica en vena, Madrid, ES
28 sep_ Miguel Hiroshi feat. Audun Waage @ Singading, Barcelona, ES
29 sep_ Encounter with Handpans @ Singading, Barcelona, ES
5 oct_ Encounter with Handpans @ Madrid, ES

18 oct_ Cuadro Eva Manzano @ Casino de Madrid, Madrid ES

19 oct_ Miguel Hiroshi @ Madrid Yoga Congress, Madrid ES

12 nov_ Miguel Hiroshi w/ Fran vilchez @ Madrid University, Madrid ES

22 jan_ PRAKASH @ Festival Merida, MX
2 feb_ w/ Jorge Pardo @ Tulum, MX
18 feb_ Recording w/Shai Maestro @ Samurai Studio, NYC, US
19 feb_ w/ Andreas Arnold trio @ Rockwood, NYC, US
3 mar_ Jorge Pardo-Amir-M. Hiroshi @ AC. Recoletos, Madrid, ES
16 mar_ Karen Lugo @ Segovia, ES
27 mar_ Karen Lugo & Miguel Hiroshi @ Musica en vena, Madrid, ES
3 apr_ w/ El Amir sextet @ Würzburg, DEU
5 apr_ w/ El Amir sextet @ Opera House, Doha, QA
3 may_ w/ Lara Bello @ Conciertos Radio 3, Madrid, ES
8 may_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Teatro Apolo, Madrid, ES
25/26 may_ Carrie Tree & Miguel Hiroshi @ Mallorca, ES
27 may_ Carrie Tree & Miguel Hiroshi @ Ibiza, ES
29 may_ Carrie Tree & Miguel Hiroshi @ Menorca, ES
23 jun_ Merope @ Everness festival, HU
2 jul_ Encounter with rhythm @ Alpujarra, Granada, ES
6 jul_ w/ El Amir Sextet @Lisboa, Portugal
13 jul_ w/ Tunisia National Orchestra @ Carthage Festival, TN
14 jul_ Encounter with Handpans @ Madrid, ES
20 jul_ w/ Pedrito Pastor Guerra @ Madrid, ES
27 jul_ Encounter with Handpans @ Tarifa, Cadiz, ES
5 aug_ Bvr Flamenco Big band @ Xabia Jazz, Valencia, ES
12 aug_ w/ cuadro Eva manzano @ Dax, FR
24 aug_ Miguel Hiroshi feat. Mar Rodriguez @ la guajira, Almería, ES
2 sep_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Omega, NY, US
4 sep_ Aukai @ WNYC Radio, NYC, US
14 sep_ El amir trio @ Bratislava, SK
29 sep_ Miguel Hiroshi & Taikomon @ Madrid, ES
6 oct_ Maria Marin & Miguel Hiroshi feat. Tomatito & Antonio Serrano @ Madrid, ES
12-14_ Encounter with Handpans @ Madrid, ES
17 oct_ Prakash @ Xalapa, MX
19 oct_ Prakash @ CDMX, MX
20 oct_ Prakash @ San luis Potosí, MX
25 oct_ Miraba Ceiba @ Santiago de chile, CHL
27 oct _Miraba Ceiba @ Montevideo, URY
29 oct _Miraba Ceiba @ Buenos Aires, ARG
2-3 nov_ Miraba Ceiba @ Curitiba, BR
15 nov_ Miraba Ceiba @ CDMX, MX
16-23 nov_ PRAKASH @ TBA, MX
9 jan_ Merope @ Mumbai, IND
3 mar_ Pedro Pastor Guerra @ Galileo Galilei, Madrid, ES
12 may_ RBS @ Asturias, ES
20 may_ Sandra Carrasco & Miguel Hiroshi @ Live streaming, ES
4 jul_ Miguel Hiroshi feat. Juanfe Pérez @ Estival, Cuenca, ES
13 jul_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Sweden, SWE
15 jul_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Germany, DE
26 jul_ Luis de luis/Elamir/J.Salinas/M.Hiroshi @Almeria, ES
27 jul_ Miguel Hiroshi 4tet @ Alpujarra, Granada, ES
28 jul_ Miguel Hiroshi 4tet @ Almeria, ES
29 jul_ Jorge Pardo @ Aku Aku, Mojacar, ES
30 jul_ Miguel Hiroshi 4tet @ Aku, Mojacar, ES
26 aug_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Norway, NOR
2 sep _ Mirabai Ceiba @ Germany, DEU
9 sep _ Mirabai Ceiba @ Germany, DEU
12 sep _ Mirabai Ceiba @ Greece DEU
21 sep _ Mirabai Ceiba @Slovakia, DEU
24 sep _ Mirabai Ceiba @ Austria, DEU
7 oct_ RBS @ Barcelona games week, ES
24-27 _ Compás Flamenco @ Alpujarra, Granada, ES
6 dec_ w/ Jorge Pardo @ A tempo, Madrid, ES
18-22 Vibra-to @ Andalucía Tour, ES
12 feb_ Miguel Hiroshi 4tet @ Xalapa, MX
13 feb_ Miguel Hiroshi 4tet @ Veracruz, MX
25 feb_ Mirabai Ceiba @ NYC, US

4 mar_ Djarabi @ House of Yes, NYC, US
7 mar_ Barbara Martinez @ Connecticut, US
14 apr_ Merope @ Rataplan, Antwerpen, BE
21 apr_ Merope @ de Markten, Brussels, BE
30 apr_ Merope @ Vrijstaat o, Oostende, BE
26 may_ Alvaro Corcuera @ Cafe Berlin, Madrid, ES
25 jun_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Cadiz, ES
2 jul_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Malmo, Sweden, SWE
9 jul_ Vibra-to @ Segovia, ES
10 jul_ RBS @ Madrid, ES
10 Jul_ Vibra-to @ Madrid, ES
20 Jul_ Vibra-to @ La Mar de Musicas, Cartagena, ES
21 jul_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Ibiza, ES
7 sep_ w/ Rycardo Moreno @ Cafe Berlin, Madrid, ES
22 oct_ w/ Jorge Pardo, Josemi Carmona @ Aranjuez, ES
23 oct_ Davide Salvado & Miguel Hiroshi @ Lugo, ES
30 oct_ RBS @ Madrid Gaming Experience, ES
16 nov_ w/ El amir sextet @ Galileo Galilei, Madrid, ES

20 feb_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ De doelen, Rotterdam NL
6 apr_ Zen del Sur @ Burlada, Navarra, ES
10 apr_ Zen del Sur @ Centro Ágora, La Coruña, ES
12 apr_ Davide Salvado @ Monterroso, Lugo, ES
15 apr_ Davide Salvado @ Cova Céltica, La Coruña, ES
16 apr_ Zen del Sur @ Auditorio principal de Orense, ES
26 apr_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez 5tet @ Den Bosch, NL
30 apr_ Merope @ Lithuania tour, LT
8 May_ Zen del Sur @ Granada, ES
10 May_ Zen del Sur @ Malaga, ES
21 May_ w/ Mujer_Klorica 5tet @ Jazz Festival Berlin. DE
29 May_ w/ Mujer_klroica 4tet @ koeln.DE
30 May_ w/ Mujer_Klorica 5tet @ Los Caracoles, Berna. CH
6 Jun_ w/ Mujer_klorica 4tet @ Frankfurt. DE
26 Jun_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Everness Festival, Budapest HG

1 jul_ w/ Mujer_klorica @ FEX, Granada, ES
4 jul_ Davide Salvado & Miguel Hiroshi @ Monasterio snta. Cristina, Orense, ES
9 jul_ w/ Mujer_klorica @ Festival Flamenco,Tarifa, ES
12 jul_ w/ Hispanistan @ Almargen, Málaga, ES
17 jul_ w/ Mujer_klorica @ Teatro Echegaray, Málaga, ES
18 jul_ Davide Salvado @ Etnosur, Alcalá la Real, Jaén, ES
19 jul_Vibra-to @Segovia, ES
2 aug_ Merope @ Monasterio de Snta. Cristina, Orense, ES
4 aug_ Merope @ Portonovo, Pontevedra, ES
13 aug_ w/ Mujer Klórica @ Aku aku, Mojácar, Almería, ES
14 aug_ w/ Mujer_klorica @ La loma de la isleta, Níjar, Almería, ES
15 aug_ w/ Mujer_klorica @ El Palmito, La almadraba, Almería,, ES
19 aug_ w/ Mujer_klorica@ La Guajira, Almería, ES
29 aug_ Jako el Muzikante @ Festival 3 culturas, Frigiliana, Málaga, ES
1 sep_ w/ Hispanistan @ Sevilla, ES
1-4 oct_ Alvaro Corcuera @ Andalucia Tour, ES
11 oct_ w/ Jorge Pardo, Josemi Carmona @ Guadalajara, ES
17 oct_ Alvaro Corcuera @ Cafe Berlin, Madrid, ES
19-25_ Flamenco Frequencies feat. Karen Lugo @ Casa Patas, Madrid, ES
8 nov_ Flamenco Frequencies feat. Karen Lugo @Miami, US
12-15 nov_ Flamenco Frequencies feat. Karen Lugo@ Washington, US
19 nov_ Flamenco Frequencies feat. Karen Lugo @ Olympia, US
19 nov_ Flamenco Frequencies feat. Karen Lugo @ Washington University, US
22-23 nov_ Flamenco Frequencies feat. Karen Lugo @ Seattle, US
20 dec_ Bambam Rodriguez @ Bonafide, NYC, US

9 Jan_ w/ Mujer_klorica @ Los Caracoles, Berna CH
8 Feb_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam. NL
10 Feb_ Lingua Franca Ensemble @ Wmdc, Rotterdam. NL
19 Feb_ Zen del Sur @ Feten, Gijon. SP
28 Feb_ w/ Mujer Klórica @ El Corral de la Paca, Jimena de la Fra. ES
1 Mar_ w/ Mujer Klórica @ El Corral de la Paca, Jimena de la Fra. ES
7 Mar_ w/ Lara Bello @ Teatro Caja Granada, Granada. ES
27 Mar_ Merope @ Casa Luis Barragan, Cdmx. MX
2 Apr_ Merope @ Foro la Mueca. Morelia MX
3 Apr_ Merope @ Mexican Tour. MX
4 Apr_ Merope @ CMMAS, Morelia. MX

5 Apr_ Merope @ CENART, Cdmx. MX
11 Apr_ Merope @ Kas Attenhoven, S’ Hertogendijk BE
12 Apr_ Merope @ Rataplan, Antwerpen. BE
13 Apr_ Merope @ Art Base, Brussels BE
17 Apr_ Merope @ De Garage, Sint – Lievens Houtem BE
19 Apr_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ Artishock, Soest. NL
24 Apr_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ Raza, Utrecht. NL
25 Apr_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ De Tor, Enschede. NL
29 Apr_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ Stichting Jazz, Arnhem. NL
30 Apr_ w/ Mujer Klorica Trio @ Auditorio Maestro Padilla, Almeria. ES
6 May_ Mirabai Ceiba @ Teatro Apolo, Madrid ES
8 May_ Mirabai Ceiba @ L’auditori, Barcelona ES
21 May_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ JIn, Nijmegen. NL
25 May_ w/ BVR Flamenco Big Band @ Badcyup, Amsterdam. NL
31 May_ w/ Miguel Rodriguez Quintet @ Dakota, Den Haag. NL
21 jun_ w/ Mujer Klorica quintet @ Flamenco festival, Rotterdam. NL
22 jun_ w/ Mujer Klorica quintet @ Paradiso, Amsterdam. NL
27 jun_ w/ Mujer Klorica quartet @ Cervantes, Frankfurt. DE
28 jun_ Bole @Clamores, Madrid. ES
3-6 jul_ Encounter with Rhythm @ Granada. ES
23 jul_ w/ Mujer Klorica quintet @ teatro Alameda, Tarifa, ES
24-26 jul_ Encounter with Handpans @ flatt, Tarifa, ES
29 jul_ w/ Mujer_klorica Trio @ Murcia, ES
1 aug_ Alvaro Corcuera @ Portonovo, Pontevedra, ES
2 aug_ w/ Lara Bello @ portonovo, Pontevedra, ES
6-7 aug_ w/ Mujer_klorica trio @ Almeria, ES
8 aug_ w/ Jorge Pardo @ festival Jazz Alpujarra, Granada. ES
10 aug_ Merope @ Leipzig.DE
23 aug_ Merope @ Festival Menuo Juodaragis, LT
24 aug_ Merope @ Kristupo Vasaros Festival, Vilnius LT
26 aug_ Merope @ Spirit, Berlin. DE
28 aug_ w/ Lara Bello feat. Niño de las pinturas @ Palacio de Congresos, Granada, ES
7 aug_ w/ Jai Jagdeesh @ Espacio Ronda, Madrid, ES
11 sep_ Miguel Hiroshi feat. Joaquin Sanchez @ Live Streaming, Caceres, ES
16 sep_ Los compadres @ Universidad Bellas Artes, Granada, ES
21 sep_ w/ Jai Jagdeesh @ Club Lite Amsterdam NL
4 oct_ w/ Lara Bello @ Teatro Guimerá, SC Tenerife, ES
20 oct_ Hiroshi-Indre-Davide @ Live Streaming, Galicia, ES
5 nov_ w/ Mujer_Klorica quintet @ La guajira, Almeria, ES
7 nov_ w/ Mujer_Klorica quintet @ Granada, ES
29 nov_ Zen del sur @ El apeadero, Granada, ES

Study with Miguel Hiroshi.

A skilled instructor, Miguel possesses a backpack full of music tools, skills and creative ideas that he is excited and happy to share. He offers instruction concentrating on one instrument, on particular rhythm patterns or playing technique. With a deep knowledge of rhythms, percussion and genres, Miguel is also a skilled guide for delving deeper into music essentials that are applicable to any instrument or musical situation. His goal as an instructor is to help students attune their musical ear and awaken their creativity.

Compás Flamenco

Raised in Andalusi­a, Miguel was shaped by flamenco in the way a mother-tongue shapes a speaker. An ancient musical form rooted presumably in India, flamenco evolved with the mixture of cultures that called the Iberian peninsula home —  Arabs, Jews, Gypsy, Hispanics Africans and eventually Americans as well. This heterogenous mix of cultures is why flamenco’s rhythms are sophisticated, playful, groovy, and electrifying. Miguel will give students keys to understanding these rhythms on cajon, palmas (hand-clapping) and other instruments.

Encounters with Handpans

Miguel is excited to share his love and knowledge for Handpans, an instrument that has been close to him for almost 15 years now. The content of the course focuses on playing techniques that work best for Handpans, and approaches to sound, music development and improvisation that can empower a musician playing this marvelous instrument.

World Percussion and Playing Techniques

There are endless percussion instruments around the globe and many ways of playing and combining them. During this course, Miguel explains the essentials of percussion playing and techniques. A fundamental basis of this course is also understanding how to elicit a great sound from a variety of percussive instruments from around the world, or any sounding surface.

Encounters with Rhythm

Based on an ancient Indian system that connects mathematics with music, and the brain with language, Miguel breaks down the essentials of rhythm for musicians of any instrument or skill level. No other learning technique is more accurate, precise, or quicker for progressing from simpler to more complicated rhythmic patters. Students will gain the essentials for deeper comprehension, analysis and composition.ed settings.

Study Online

All the courses listed above are available as online lessons or with a focus on single instruments like cajon, handpan, frame drums, tabla, ghatam, calabash, udu, kalimba, pandero cuadrao, hand percussion, etc.  Online lessons offered via platforms such as Skype, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, etc. If you have a specific proposal, please don’t hesitate to contact Miguel directly.

Miguel is available for online lessons, private and public workshops, conferences, clinics and study programs at universities. 

For upcoming courses, check Tour
To hire Miguel for private or public events, contact him directly for more info.


Miguel Hiroshi

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